Cloud Services

Microsoft Office 365 Plans

Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud service has different options and levels of service. This can make it hard to try to figure out what plan is best on your own. We can work with you to make sure you are choosing the right options for your business. Here are some common items you should consider when choosing a plan:


There are a variety of options available through the Office 365 platform for email access. Making sure you know what features you need will help make sure you are the right plan and have the correct tier of service.

  • Webmail Only
    Users can only log in to their email through a web browser. They will not be able to use Outlook or a mobile device to access their email.
  • Desktop and Mobile Device
    This will allow a user to access email on their mobile device or using Outlook on a desktop computer. This is the most ideal license if you already have access to Microsoft Office, or if a user only needs to access email.

Office Applications

Having licenses correctly allocated for Office Applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is very important. Most of the cost of a license is based on what software a user needs, so trying not to give too many features will help keep your license costs down.

  • Desktop Applications
    A user that has been assigned a license with access to desktop applications will be able to install on up to five devices, so you can cover employees who need access on a desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.
  • Online Applications
    Companies that are planning on using SharePoint might like to use a license with only online applications. This still allows for processes like reviewing and collaborating on documents using Document Libraries or other SharePoint features.

Additional Applications and Services

There are a few additional items worth considering in order to identify the right license for your users.

  • Microsoft Teams
    If the needs of your business include a need for meetings, chat, document collaboration, and more, make sure to select a license that includes access to Microsoft Teams.
  • Skype for Business
    For situations where text / audio chat, desktop sharing, or video chat are all you need, choose a license that includes Skype for Business.